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Recycled Paper
Golden Retriever

The Story of FluffyPets Specialist

The team behind FluffyPets, are sisters that work in a pet kennel for the past 9 years.
Since 2013, Pasir Ris Farmway, Singapore to The Animal Lodge now.
We love dogs and are always looking out for things best for puppies.

We’re the people who truly care about your pet’s wellbeing.
We love what we do, and make sure each and every animal is properly nurtured and loved.
Whether you’re stopping by for a bag of pet food or thinking about taking home a pet of your own, we’re here for you.
Provides quality products for the wellness of pets.

We train our team to care for every type of domestic pet, so they can pass that knowledge on to our customers in a friendly and informative way.
Come in and speak with one of our staff members today!

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